Spelling>crafting (for today)

My name is Claire, and I’m a spelling bee junkie. One of the few benefits of not having a traditional job: I can set aside time to pursue other things. Today was the preliminaries of the National Spelling Bee, and so, for much of the day, I was in front of my computer playing along. While I am not perfect, spelling is one of my strengths, so this is just fun.

Also, today begins 30 Days of Creativity, which is kinda like NaNoWriMo for crafty people. I am, in theory, supposed to create something every day during the month of June. I don’t think I’m off to a good start. Does my spelling list count? It is 25 pages in my little notebook. 🙂

Spelling words

See, I got most of them right!

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Crafting for my sanity

Some of you might know that these last few weeks have been rough for me. So I’ve been crafting to get through the long aimless days. As you saw in my last post, I learned to sew, and since then, I’ve made a robe, and I’m working on a skirt. But things are looking generally up. I have a new job, a wedding in less than 2 months, and I’m prepping for a move after the wedding. I made this afghan to get rid of some yarn. Yet somehow I still have a lot of yarn. Anyone want to speculate how this happened?

Also, Penny is a camera hog.

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I’m sew crafty

I have finally conquered one of the few needlecrafts that I haven’t been able to do. I can sew. I’ve tinkered with sewing machines before, but I had never sat down to learn for real. (Thanks Mom!) Sewing came surprisingly easily, except for making the bobbin and threading the machine. And cutting straight lines. I cut like a kindergartener.

After two days of work, I made a tote bag!  I think this might be another addiction, but I can think of worse addictions to have.

Check out my craft therapy:

Tote bag

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Oh blog, how I have missed you

I hope you all have missed me too. It’s been a while since I posted, but a lot has gotten done. We’ve set a menu, ordered a cake and flowers, chosen some lovely tuxes for the guys, and designed our invitations.

So I’ve suddenly found myself with more time on my hands than I’m used to. It’s been an adjustment, but I’m loving having more time to craft. Here’s what I’ll be using as decorations for the side of the pew. (Inspired by this link. Warning: Project Wedding is very addicting.)

I’m very happy with it, as I’ve been able to work some newspaper in. It’s how Lee and I met, and I had wanted it because it was so us, but couldn’t find something I liked that wouldn’t require ridiculous amounts of time.

OK, so that’s 2 down, 16 to go. Lucky for me, I have more than 2 months to go.

Also, Penny is growing up, and she’ll be 1 soon. Look at how adorable she is!

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Engagement photos are here!

Lee and I had our engagement photos taken in Milledgeville a few weeks ago (fitting, as it’s where he proposed) by the wonderful Brittany Thomas http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brittany-Michelle/145577615224.

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Stand back…I’m going to try Indian food

I just finished cooking garam masala chicken…and just finished eating it too. And it was delicious.
Plus you can’t go wrong with some mango lassi to drink. The only thing missing from my wonderful meal: naan. I really wanted that delicious bread. Too bad I have to go Atlanta to get it. Oh, well, jasmine rice worked too. I think everyone should try Indian food at least once. It’s not all spicy and curry-filled.
All this tastiness stemmed from visiting Olive Forge this weekend. It’s an herb farm in Haddock/Milledgeville that has some of the best teas and a huge selection of spices. Plus the couple who run it are the nicest people.
So I came home with sweet basil, lavender flowers and of course, garam masala. Also multiple types of tea. And handmade buttons.
I’ll end this post of rambling about food with some lovely photos. But also, blog readers, be very excited. Lee and I have had our engagement photos taken, and we should be getting them in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Here are the lovely roses Lee sent to my work on Valentine’s Day.

And as, promised, my tasty Indian food.

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I’m a slacker/I love the internet

Once again, I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because I hadn’t done much more than work for my paycheck. But the great address roundup has begun. And this is where I sing my praises to the internet. I don’t know how I would be doing this without it.

Luckily my family has a nice address that covers everyone, but then you have to track down the college friends who aren’t around to ask. Thanks to Facebook, we’ve got a lot of the addresses we need. How on earth did people do this stuff before the internet and cell phones? Enlighten me please.

But yes, the big day’s only five months away. Wow. Still so much to do. But right now, I’m baking cookies due to cat withdrawal. Penny’s getting declawed.

So much for my being a humane pet owner. Penny’s clawed the couch, my guests and me, and despite my best efforts and copious squirts with a spray bottle, she hasn’t stopped. My apartment’s a little too quiet and uneventful right now. Hence the cookies. My coworkers will be pleased.

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