Oh blog, how I have missed you

I hope you all have missed me too. It’s been a while since I posted, but a lot has gotten done. We’ve set a menu, ordered a cake and flowers, chosen some lovely tuxes for the guys, and designed our invitations.

So I’ve suddenly found myself with more time on my hands than I’m used to. It’s been an adjustment, but I’m loving having more time to craft. Here’s what I’ll be using as decorations for the side of the pew. (Inspired by this link. Warning: Project Wedding is very addicting.)

I’m very happy with it, as I’ve been able to work some newspaper in. It’s how Lee and I met, and I had wanted it because it was so us, but couldn’t find something I liked that wouldn’t require ridiculous amounts of time.

OK, so that’s 2 down, 16 to go. Lucky for me, I have more than 2 months to go.

Also, Penny is growing up, and she’ll be 1 soon. Look at how adorable she is!


About Claire

I'm a recent college grad who is working as a graphic designer. My life consists of work, knitting, wedding planning and my adorable kitty, Penny.
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