I’m a chameleon

No, I haven’t grown scales, but I have been second guessing my colors. From the moment I started thinking about the wedding, I just assumed aqua, black and white. But since ordering my dress, it doesn’t seem right anymore. Of course I’m changing them to orange and purple just like my dress ;). With feathered centerpieces.

No, seriously, I kept thinking about the summer. I felt the need for color. Less chill and a little happier. So I went to the other end of the spectrum for a bit, and explored rich corals and reddish oranges. But it didn’t quite click either. So, I’m back to my aqua. I’m told that people instantly associate it with me, and I’ll be adding a little extra color.

This little hiccup has made me realize how hard it is not to buy into the wedding cash cow empire. You think you don’t need much, and it’s true, but you see something adorable and can’t resist. So you’re tempted to buy stuff, and it all adds up, and then you’re contributing to that statistic that weddings are now ridiculously expensive.

I think these little things are so cute, and I can still do it myself (I think). Wedding planning is much more fun when your bridesmaids love them some Martha :).

Though I’ve scrapped my original crafty idea, I’m still determined to do crafty, cute things. My wedding wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make something. So, armed with new ideas, I’m ready to take this by storm. You might get a preview of a motif I have in mind.

Also, thanks everyone for reading, and I love reading your comments. It’s nice to know that people are interested in what I’m writing.


About Claire

I'm a recent college grad who is working as a graphic designer. My life consists of work, knitting, wedding planning and my adorable kitty, Penny.
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One Response to I’m a chameleon

  1. But if you do orange and purple bridesmaids then you’ll just blend with them. We can’t have that. Bridesmaids can’t match the bride. You have to stand out. Maybe they should be the ones wearing white then!

    PS I really like the aqua idea for a summer wedding! If black and white and aqua aren’t thrilling you, try the browns. I love brown and aqua. And of course I’m swatching for a teal sweater- with brown, white, aqua and burnt orange colorwork haha

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