Now for something completely different

Yes, I know it’s been a while. Life’s been crazy, and work has been particularly awful in the last week or so. Too much going on, not enough people to do it. You know the drill, but I should at least be grateful to have a job, I guess.

Today’s blog post is written by guest blogger/wonderful fiance, Lee. This will be published in the Covington News annual bridal guide, which as news editor he put together, and naturally as the groom-to-be, he was the obvious choice to write the introductory column. Enjoy!

Putting a wedding together has a lot in common with putting a newspaper or magazine together. It takes a combination of different elements, provided by many people, that all have to come together nicely into a single arrangement. Article copy, photos and other page elements are neatly reflected by dresses, tuxedos, caterers, ministers and more. Crud, I just scared myself again.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lee Sandow, 24, of Covington. I do the page layout of the Covington News for a living, including paginating special publications like this Bridal Guide. Also, in October, I asked my wonderful girlfriend, Claire, to marry me.

She said yes, so let’s fast forward to now. We’ve set a date for July of this year, picked a location and asked her pastor to wed us. She bought her dress a few weekends ago, and from what the bridesmaids have told me, it’s purple and orange, and somehow features feathers. I think they might be pulling my leg.

There’s still a bit to do. More than a bit, to be honest. My married readers are probably chuckling to themselves right now about how much of an understatement that just was.

I’ll admit, all this planning has been more difficult and time consuming than I expected it to be. So many elements are reliant on others, and as each decision is made, it raises only more questions that need more decisions.

For example, the bridesmaids will be wearing cyan. Unless we change our minds again, but let’s assume we won’t. So from there, we need to figure out what flowers will go with that. And from there, what do the tuxes need to look like? What other decorations will we need to match? What about everything in the reception? Should our save-the-date cards and invitations match?

We’re both designers, so we’re sticklers for a theme. What that theme should be made up more than a few hours of deliberations, trial and error and eventual consensus. The good news is that while we might occasionally have differing opinions on the finer points of this whole wedding thing, we’ve been able to meet in the middle and not have any serious disagreements. That’s probably a good sign.

So to make this bridal guide, I put together a list of everything that goes into planning a wedding. Then I asked my married coworkers to tell me what I had forgotten to add to the list, and once they had (the list size doubled, by the way) we all set to writing. Now it’s time to put it together and see just how much my fiancée and I have to do. It may be a lot of work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I’m a chameleon

No, I haven’t grown scales, but I have been second guessing my colors. From the moment I started thinking about the wedding, I just assumed aqua, black and white. But since ordering my dress, it doesn’t seem right anymore. Of course I’m changing them to orange and purple just like my dress ;). With feathered centerpieces.

No, seriously, I kept thinking about the summer. I felt the need for color. Less chill and a little happier. So I went to the other end of the spectrum for a bit, and explored rich corals and reddish oranges. But it didn’t quite click either. So, I’m back to my aqua. I’m told that people instantly associate it with me, and I’ll be adding a little extra color.

This little hiccup has made me realize how hard it is not to buy into the wedding cash cow empire. You think you don’t need much, and it’s true, but you see something adorable and can’t resist. So you’re tempted to buy stuff, and it all adds up, and then you’re contributing to that statistic that weddings are now ridiculously expensive.

I think these little things are so cute, and I can still do it myself (I think). Wedding planning is much more fun when your bridesmaids love them some Martha :).

Though I’ve scrapped my original crafty idea, I’m still determined to do crafty, cute things. My wedding wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make something. So, armed with new ideas, I’m ready to take this by storm. You might get a preview of a motif I have in mind.

Also, thanks everyone for reading, and I love reading your comments. It’s nice to know that people are interested in what I’m writing.

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I said yes to a dress

Yesterday was the long awaited bridal store appointment. My entourage (bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law) came together, and went to a shop called Wedding Angels in Roswell. After trying on 5 or 6 different dresses and weighing veil options, I chose a perfect dress for me. And oddly enough, I had that moment where I knew that the dress I had on was “the” dress, but without the crying thing you always see on Say Yes to the Dress.

As my fiance reads this blog, I can’t give out photos or details, but we’ve been telling him that it’s orange and purple; we just couldn’t resist those Clemson colors. Depending on the time, there’s feathers too.

My dress will be ready in June, just enough time for alterations for my short self. But I have still have so much to do, that’s just one decision knocked out.

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Snow day!

I am so happy to be snowed in today. There’s about 3 or 4 inches of snow around my apartment, and I’m not going anywhere. I wasn’t getting my hopes up, as my town often has an impenetrable snow bubble. It’ll snow everywhere around us, but not here. Those days I’m just grumpy as anything. But I got my wish, and this snow day/3 day weekend is exactly what I needed.

I slept in, made muffins and coffee for a leisurely breakfast, started a giant crossword (Thanks Lee :)), knitted and enjoyed the company of Penny, who has spent most of this morning in my lap. I can’t wait to make a cup of hot tea/hot chocolate and continue to relax. I love these peaceful days.

Check out the snow and my knitting progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Price guns and the snowpocalypse

Everyone, take cover. The snowpocalypse is upon us. And there is a 100 percent chance of snow tomorrow, which most likely equals three day weekend. The Weather Channel says two to four inches. So today, I had to race the weather so Lee and I could work on our wedding registry.

So I’ve decided that making the registry is kinda fun, though neither Lee nor I is really into asking for a whole bunch of stuff. The picking items part isn’t all that fun, but wielding a price gun is. Who wants to sit at a computer and pick stuff when you have a price gun? (Or in Walmart’s case, a price taser.) This lets you have fake battles in the aisle when you threaten to scan something truly awful, like a Justin Bieber backpack.

Going to Walmart made it abundantly clear that the state of Georgia is freaking out over the snow. The place was mobbed, even for a weekend, with people stocking up on food, water and milk as if they were going underground. We made a game of it: every time we saw a jug of milk we would note it. Let’s just say if this were a drinking game, we’d be dead.

We are registered at Walmart, Target and Kohl’s. We’re not quite done, but we have a start. Just a few little things left, I hope.


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Cats don’t make good personal trainers

As part of my New Year’s not-really resolutions, I’m trying to work out. I’m also trying to eat better, and post on the blog. So I checked out some workout DVDs from the library. The New York City Ballet workout, for nostalgia’s sake.

Boy, that reminded how long it’s been since I danced. This would have been pretty easy a few years ago, but I’m rusty, and I’ve lost some a lot of flexibility. Admittedly, I still knew the terminology before the narrator defined it. This was also not made any easier by Penny, who thought when I was doing sautes (little jumps, for the non-ballet educated), she would join in. But instead of landing, she’d latch on to my leg with her pointy little claws. She’s dangerously close to losing them. Any persuading/dissuading comments welcome.

And that is my kitty anecdote for the day. Not much excitement at work, except for the fact that we submitted an ad ON TIME! (Gasp!) And not only that, EARLY! (Victory dance)

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There’s more than one kind of wedding music?

I just got back from a wonderful weekend/belated Christmas with my relatives in North Carolina yesterday, and I was not ready to go back to work. Especially when a certain creature of the feline variety would not let me sleep. (As she jumps onto my lap.)

It was once again a nice, practical Christmas. My knife and Tupperware collection is growing and I have a toaster oven! Penny got a nice fun toy too. A laser pointer. Needless to say, that’s been a hit. Both in kitty enjoyment and kitty running headfirst into walls.

My aunt has agreed to play organ at our wedding, and she asked what I would like played. Cue my surprise in learning that there is more than just the bridal march to choose from. So, I’ve been listening to Youtube clips. I never was good at distinguishing between classical musicians. Just like I could never identify different jazz artists and styles. Here’s what I’ve been using as my musical education.



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