I’m a slacker/I love the internet

Once again, I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because I hadn’t done much more than work for my paycheck. But the great address roundup has begun. And this is where I sing my praises to the internet. I don’t know how I would be doing this without it.

Luckily my family has a nice address that covers everyone, but then you have to track down the college friends who aren’t around to ask. Thanks to Facebook, we’ve got a lot of the addresses we need. How on earth did people do this stuff before the internet and cell phones? Enlighten me please.

But yes, the big day’s only five months away. Wow. Still so much to do. But right now, I’m baking cookies due to cat withdrawal. Penny’s getting declawed.

So much for my being a humane pet owner. Penny’s clawed the couch, my guests and me, and despite my best efforts and copious squirts with a spray bottle, she hasn’t stopped. My apartment’s a little too quiet and uneventful right now. Hence the cookies. My coworkers will be pleased.


About Claire

I'm a recent college grad who is working as a graphic designer. My life consists of work, knitting, wedding planning and my adorable kitty, Penny.
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